03.10.2015 | Ovaherero & Nama Resistance Order Against German Arrogance and Neo-Imperialist Tendencies Towards the Namibian Government and its People

Our Colonial Present: Germany's Herero and Nama Genocide

03.10.2015 | Ovaherero & Nama Resistance Order Against German Arrogance and Neo-Imperialist Tendencies Towards the Namibian Government and its People

ISSUED BY:  Vekuii Rukoro, OvaHerero Paramount Chief & Chief Dawid Frederick, Chairman: Association of Nama Traditional Leaders

PLACE: Otjinene, Omaheke Region, Namibia

DATE:  03rd October, 2015



  1. Some 111 and 110 years ago, a brutal War of Extermination was unleashed against our Ovaherero and Nama ancestors respectively, in the name and interest of the German Emperor, Wilhelmina II, the German Imperial Government, the German Bundestag and, indeed, in the name of ALL the German People and their subsequent descendants both in Germany and (it appears) even here in now Namibia! Germany’s desire to wipe us off from the face of the earth as evidenced by the language of the decree issued by General Von Trotha, and the manner in which that decree was subsequently executed, makes it clear that Germany was motivated by imperialistic motifs, racism and social-economic benefits to the German people – and to them alone!
  1. On realizing that, our ancestors had no choice, but to fight a heroic and just War of Resistance to stop all that and for their very survival. Unfortunately, this proved to be an unequal contest seeing that they were fighting a heavily armed conventional army equipped with modern weapons. Our people were left destitute through this war and through yet another subsequent Expropriation Order No. 105 of 1905, our surviving ancestors were prohibited from owning livestock or any other means of making a livelihood whatsoever!
  1. Ever since the then German Chancellor, Dr Helmut Kohl, visited Namibia in September 1995, some twenty (20) years ago, we have been raising the issue of Genocide and Reparation with the German and Namibian Governments. For all these years, we have consistently and incessantly been asking for a tripartite discussion involving the two Governments and us (the descendants of the victim groups), but our asking has been falling on deaf ears.
  1. Nowadays we are hearing that several talks and negotiations have been going on and are still going on, between the two Governments about the very issues we have raised or caused to be put on their agenda – yet, we continue not to be invited to the discussions. The reason given for our exclusion is that we are not a „sovereign government“; when we responded that the very sovereign State of Germany allowed an ordinary Jewish Organization to be an equal third party (alongside the State of Israel) to the discussion on the Jewish reparation demand for their Holocaust, the present German Ambassador to Namibia replied to us on 1 October 2015 that „…the Jews were a special case….it was an exception!“ When asked in which respect, he could not explain.
  1. He didn’t have to, the answer is clear for all to see: the Jews are fellow Europeans and white folks whilst our ancestors are Africans and black folks! Hence the double standards. Therefore, the justification of the differential treatment is one of race! The irony, however, is that our own Government seems to be comfortable with this racially based arrogance and neo-imperialistic tendencies of the German Government towards both itself and its citizens!!!!
  1. Now that the German Government has contemptuously and arrogantly rejected our hand of friendship and cooperation, by refusing to accede to our very basic and most reasonable demands, we would like to most forcefully reiterate our position that: NOTHING CAN BE ABOUT US, YET WITHOUT US; ANYTHINGABOUT US, BUT WITHOUT US IS NECESSARILY AGAINST US! Therefore, we shall not be bound by or accept any decisions made in secret proceedings in which we had no input whatsoever! This exclusionist diplomacy imposed by the German Government on the Namibian Government is most definitely in violation of the letter and spirit of the Resolution passed unanimously by the Namibian National Assembly in October 2006, which expressly called for the inclusion of the affected “parties”, meaning the Ovaherero and Nama descendants, in any discussions on the issue of Genocide and Reparations.


  1. It is against this background that, as duly authorized Traditional Leaders of our People, on this day, at this historic venue where many or our ancestors were hanged by the neck, naked until they died, we issue the following Resistance Order Against German Arrogance and its Neo-Imperialistic Tendencies Towards Our Government and People:
  • Unless the German Parliament adopts the motion tabled by the Left and Green Parties in support of our case due to be debated this month by that country’s lawmakers, the Ovaherero and Nama of Namibia consider and accept the continued arrogant and paternalistic attitude and behaviour of the German Government as a declaration of war on our people;
  • That in response to such neo-imperialist war being imposed on us as an oppressed people, our people have resolved to fight for their dignity as Africans with ALL legitimate means at their disposal until final victory is achieved in the form of restorative justice becoming a reality – however long it takes;
  • That in pursuit of that struggle for justice we shall, among other things, internationalize the Genocide issue by taking it formally to SADC, AU, UN and other international fora with a view to get Germany declared a pariah state that has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity;
  • We shall also institute legal proceedings against the German Government in an appropriate international legal forum to hold them accountable for their historical liabilities flowing from the events that took place between 1904 – 1908;
  • We shall launch a massive programme of positive action against German interests wherever they are until Germany can no longer absorb the pain and losses associated with our campaign.


  1. These are, in broad terms, the measures of National Self-Defence that we as an oppressed People are forced to resort to in order to protect and assert our rights and dignity as a people. It does not have to come to this, but the key to an amicable solution is in the hands of the German authorities. They, however, are operating under the false belief that this issue will one day simply disappear in thin air; that will not happen. What will happen is that with every year that goes by the terms of settlement will become progressively worse for them!
  1. When we (Ovaherero and Nama People) talk about and demand Reparation from the German Government, this must be understood against the background or within the context of a similar demand that was made by a delegation of German Settlers in this country that went to Germany (28 April 1904). In this regard, a prominent and well-known German writer reveals as follows:

“A preliminary compensation commission Consisting of Attorney Erdmann, O. Erhard, M. Kirsten, Carl Schlettwein and Albert Voigt, travels to Berlin in order TO OBTAIN COMPENSATION FOR WAR DAMAGES SUFFERED BY GERMAN FARMERS. The Reichstag approves firstly (June 1904) 2 Million Mark, and later another 5 Million Mark.”

The question is: where is Germany’s often quoted ‘moral and historic responsibility’ towards the Ovaherero and Nama People on their similar demand for having lost everything – not just farms but their whole country, livestock and even their parents? Agreeing to the principle of paying and then actually paying compensation to fellow Germans and not applying the same principle or consideration to us, is surely an act of IMMORAL responsibility!

  1. In conclusion, we call on all progressive making, in particular African Leaders, to stand up and be counted in defence of the rights of African People against the cheque book diplomacy of some imperialist nations! We call on the rest of our Namibian brothers and sisters to rally in solidarity behind our cause since our victory will be their victory as well! We call on every Otjiherero and Nama speaking person to commit and rededicate themselves 100% to the new phase of the struggle and to go back home to their towns, cities and villages and prepare for battle!