Our Colonial Present: Germany's Herero and Nama Genocide

Skulls, of My People (2016)

South African filmmaker Vincent Moloi’s saw a photo of a traditional Herero dress and asked himself why it reminded him of European fashions. He then stumbled upon the history of the genocide committed under German colonial rule in the 20th century that wiped out four fifths of all Hereros  and half of all Namas. Moloi realised that not one of his friends knew a thing about it. He then knew that “this was a story that had to be told”. He spent eight years documenting the demands of the Herero and Nama people for the German government to recognise their past crimes and to pay reparations, and for the Namibian government to return the land that was stolen from them and is now mostly in possession of white settlers.

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Waterberg to Waterberg: In The Footsteps of Samuel Maharero? (2014)

What happened to Samuel Maharero after the battle of the Waterberg in 1904? One minute he was the most influential leader in Namibia, the next he was running for his life with a bounty on his head. Relentlessly pursued by the invading German army, his people were scattered and hunted down. Samuel and a small band of loyal followers somehow managed to escape into the waterless sands of the Kalahari Desert. Following in this remarkable man’s footsteps, Waterberg to Waterberg tells the history of the Herero migrations across Southern Africa more than 100 years ago. A journey of a thousand miles, on horseback and by foot, from the Waterberg mountain in Namibia to the Waterberg mountain in South Africa. A journey to find a place they could call home. A film by Andrew Botelle (Namibia 2014, 61 min).

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Mobi: Genocide is Genocide! (2015)

Mobi-Video und Abschlussprojekt des Tutoriums „Schatten deutscher Kolonialgeschichte in Berlin – Kritische Perspektiven auf deutsche Erinnerungspolitik“ anlässlich des International Day for Reparations am 12. Oktober.

Mobilisation video and final project of the tutorial „Schatten deutscher Kolonialgeschichte in Berlin – Kritische Perspektiven auf deutsche Erinnerungspolitik“ on the occasion of the International Day for Reparations on 12 October.

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„Weisse Geister – Der Kolonialkrieg gegen die Herero“ (2004)

Der Dokumentarfilm fragt nach den Folgen des deutschen Kolonialkrieges zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts in Südwestafrika und erkundet, wie sich die Beziehungen zwischen den Nachfahren der Kolonisten und Kolonialherren und den Nachfahren der Kolonisierten und Ausgebeuteten heute gestalten. Filmemacher Martin Baer und sein Freund Israel Kaunatijke, ein in Berlin lebender Herero, sind gemeinsam auf den Spuren der kolonialen Vergangenheit und ihren Auswirkungen nach Namibia gereist.

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